There are three main passions I have and use to solve talent challenges as an HR professional. here are some of the topics available when i speak to your organization, HR team or event.


Candidate Attraction

Alexa ….? Google…? Send me top talent.

Some may call it Recruitment Marketing - I call it Candidate Attraction. Let me share how you can start receiving so many resumes that your biggest problem will be figuring out how to triage them.

What you’ll walk away from this session with:

1. How to stand out - with little to NO extra dollars.

2. How to move from almost ‘begging’ for talent to being a magnet for talent

3. We will talk ‘HOW’ and not just theory

4. Real Examples - Companies of different sizes - industries

5. Progressive industry knowledge of how to attract talent

Employee Referral Culture Building

So many recruiters and HR professionals are looking beyond a foundational hiring practice that many tout as the BEST practice. Many provide reasons why it doesn’t work. Let me share how I have seen it work in every organization I’ve implemented. There’s a core missing link. Is it easy  -- No - is it worth it absolutely. Is it easier than other recruiting methods. YES.

why traditional recruiting methods are dead and what to do instead

For decades talent acquisition has been the same process. Even though we are now living in an information economy, with greater access to qualified candidates; the status quo of recruiting hasn’t evolved to meet the needs of our digital economy. Recruiting as we’ve known it is no longer an effective way to build teams.

Discover what works now and how it’s changing everything we know about recruiting top talent.