Reinventing Recruiting through Candidate Attraction
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Theresa Nordstrom

I am a Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) with with over 20 years of experience.

After working with a diverse group of companies including big box retail, construction, food manufacturing and technology start-ups, my last in-house role was as Vice President of Human Resources for a technology start-up, Benaissance. There, I worked side-by-side with the CEO and team to mature talent and ultimately position the company to be acquired.

Running my own firm allows me to cultivate my passion for acquiring and engaging top talent.

  • My pioneer approach of cultivating and maximizing talent includes aligning potential candidates with your unique business goals and overall organizational culture.

  • We’ll work together to create a transformative experience for your company where, ultimately, the sum of your team is greater than its parts.

  • Achieving the proper long-term candidate fit comes from letting go of traditional recruiting methods and, instead, leverage your company ethos to attract top-notch talent.

  • Optimize your current talent, those who are already elevating your company’s mission, with a shift in your employee referral culture.

  • Bring your HR Department into the new millennium with innovative and effective approaches to talent acquisition that saves both time and money.

Nordstrom Talent’s Diamond Framework

Following the 4 Cs, we continually exceed the expectations of hiring leaders with supremely high standards for talent. We dig deep to identify, and then market, the rare qualities that make your organization a gold mine of career opportunity for the world’s top talent.


A diamond’s cut determines how well its facets will interact with light. As an extension of your firm, the Nordstrom Talent team vividly reflects your brand and culture. The candidates we represent understand the opportunity; more importantly, they can see clearly a future that goes beyond a single open position.

Nordstrom Talent hiring leaders are:

  • Appreciate and cultivate a talent-focused culture

  • Need more “A+” players in critical roles

  • Provide fast-paced growth opportunities

Nordstrom Talent hiring leaders get:

  • Recruitment teams that attract and connect with top talent other firms can’t reach 

  • Engagement with A+ players

  • Hiring experts in tune with exactly what “great” looks like


Diamonds are imperfect. Yet, their flaws aren’t usually visible to the untrained eye. Our highly skilled, intuitive team has previous business leadership experience and expertly reads between the lines of a job description. Our critical thinking abilities help uncover characteristics of the career opportunity that – once fully discovered and perfectly articulated – attract some of the most sought-after candidates in the industry.

Nordstrom Talent hiring leaders are:

  • Discerning

  • Strategic vs. knee-jerk

  • Growing exponentially

Nordstrom Talent hiring leaders get:

  • Marketing that goes beyond job descriptions

  • Access to innovative sourcing methods

  • A hiring partner who fully understands your business and its needs 


Did you know diamonds are actually evaluated for the absence of color? The things that aren’t immediately obvious can be some of the most exciting parts of your business. Nordstrom Talent recruiters listen to the hiring leaders who come to us with A+ talent needs. We pick up on the subtle hues that, when viewed through the right lens, uniquely transform job opportunities into things of beauty. 

Nordstrom Talent hiring leaders are:

  • Companies that view talent as a key driver to the business

  • Working toward enhanced employee engagement

  • Able to see the potential of improved human productivity

Nordstrom Talent hiring leaders get:

  • To work alongside fellow hiring experts who ask the right questions

  • A hiring partner who truly listens

  • Access to candidates who are excited by what their business has to offer


A jeweler can give a buyer the precise measurements of a gemstone – down to the hundredth decimal. And it’s often that extra heft that pushes a diamond into the next level of value. Discerning candidates evaluate their career opportunities in much the same way. Nordstrom Talent helps hiring leaders measure up to the high expectation of the industry’s most sought-after professionals. 

Nordstrom Talent hiring leaders are:

  • Seeking vetted talent with a high likelihood of being hired

  • Passionate about the recruiting process 

  • Purpose-driven companies with a well-articulated culture

Nordstrom Talent hiring leaders get:

  • Well vetted talent with detailed interview notes  

  • Access to the top 15% talent in the market

  • Multi-pronged recruiting strategy that delivers results